Thursday, September 15, 2011

Peachy Canyon Winery 2008 Incredible Red - Zinfandel (California)

View from room in Monterey
I never miss a chance to buy a bargain Zinfandel, especially from a company I have heard about.  I tried some Peachy Canyon wine many months ago back in Toronto at the California Wine Fair and was impressed with their brand and style of Zinfandel, so when I saw a bottle in a Trader Joe's in San Francisco I figure I just had to grab a bottle and give it a(nother) go.  This is their "Incredible Red", not my evaluation just what they call it, and it is a rather tasty little Zinfandel, especially when you consider it cost a mere $8.99.  It has the plum, vanilla and cherry fruit that we Zin fans look for in our wines and it follows pretty closely in the mouth with a velvety smoothness across the tongue ... it really all comes down to that lovely cherry finish that lingers long time, like a lonely sailor at a whore house.  Well enough with the silly similes, if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to my wine and looking out at Monterey Bay.

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