Monday, April 30, 2012

Cave de Rasteau 2001 Rasteau - Cotes du Rhone Villages (France)

My obsession with 2001 wines, or should I say experiment, finally continues.  After a weekend in Kitchener at the Wine & Food Show, where there was enough wine poured to choke a horse.  I had brought 3 bottles of 2001 wine along with me for those quiet evening back in the room, but it seems that I either got back to the room too late or enough wine had been consumed for one evening - or both (see the late dinner at Bauer Kitchen).  So all the bottles of 2001 made it back home, and it is here that I will begin again to drink and experiment with them.  This Rasteau proved to be a lovely find a decade later.  The nose is rich with cedar, cinnamon, dried blackberry and dried cranberry with hints of vanilla that seemed to drift in and out of the olfactories.  The palate was nicely spiced with creme de cassis that rolled around in the middle and that touch of vanilla (from the nose) found its way onto the palate.  The finish was a pleasing combination of dried raspberries and black licroice that took awhile to develop in the mouth but then lingered for quite a spell.

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