Friday, April 13, 2012

Juan Gil 2004 Silver Label Monastrell (Spain)

Over the next two nights it will be the tale of two wines ... two wines from the same producer ... same exact label ... two different years.  Tonight it's the Silver Label 2004 Monastrell from Juan Gil.  I first learned about Juan Gil in Michigan where I was visiting with my buddy Dave from Champane Wine Cellars, and he told me it was great value for under $15 ... this is one of the bottles I picked up from Dave - I know because it has the telltale red pricing sticker, I bought it for $11.99 - remember drinking it that very same night I bought it and ran back for more (the next day).  Since then I have always looked for and enjoyed the wines of this producer.  When I came across the two bottles that I will be having over the next two nights (the 2004 and the 2005) I was excited to try them side-by-side, but then I thought one might go to waste as it is only me partaking in this experiment - and Lord knows I we wouldn't want to waste good wine. And it turns out this one still is.  Lots of dark fruit and spice both on the nose and palate, and as the wine aerates it develops licorice and peppery notes - something along the cracked black pepper line; there's even a slight nuance of dried blackberry and strawberry developing in the background .... the finish is a dry and cedary with plenty of acidity.  Still a nice wine 8 years on, and tomorrow we'll see how much difference a year makes.

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