Monday, April 9, 2012

Gray Monk 2004 Pinot Noir (British Columbia)

Having just sat through (and mostly enjoyed) a BC wine tasting, I thought it would be interesting to open something that I had sitting around from the West Coast of Canada.  I was surprised to see I had an eight year old Pinot. Now in truth, as much as I enjoy the red blends and Cabs from out there I was not that thrilled with the Pinot Noirs - though there were a few that sparked my interest.  So I opened this bottle with a little trepidation. The nose was dried cranberry with a touch of wood and a nice cinnamon overlay ... pretty simple.  The palate on the other hand was quite complex offering up a mix of dried and sour fruits.  First came some craisin and dried raspberry, then a freeze-dried-type of strawberry flavour, some cinnamon wood, gentle spice and as the wine opened up there almost seemed to be a element of fresh raspberry that sneaked through every third sip.  This wine still had an air of elegance to it.  Very nice.

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