Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fresita Sparkling (Chile)

My wife got it totally right last night ... I returned from a week in Germany where I tasted countless serious Rieslings and Silvaners with the occasional Pinot Noir thrown in, (you can follow my journey from Day 1 to Day 5 here) ... after such an immersive adventure I came home to find she had dinner in the oven and a bottle of wine on ice.  And what bottle did she choose to serve for my homecoming?  Something serious?  No, and thank goodness for that - she went for one of the most frivolous bottles I have in the cellar.  This mix of white wines and strawberries that comes straight from Chile was exactly what the doctor would have ordered. - and it's exactly as advertised)  Thanks honey, dinner was great and so was your choice of bottle, don't think my tired brain and exhausted palate could have done better, nor my palate handled much more then what was in this bottle.   If you don't have this wine, I suggest getting one or two for fun occasions - or nights when simple is golden.  And to my nieces who love this stuff - we're out in the cellar, but if you come to visit we'll get more.

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