Friday, June 8, 2012

Winzer Sommerach 2009 Experiment W (Germany)

Hoodwinked again ... this is a classic case of what I drank in one country doesn't taste as good in another. This is a bottle of barrel aged Kerner I got while I was away in Germany, it's called "Experiment W" because it's the workers wine - which means the workers of this co-op had a hand in the making of it.  When we sipped it in Germany, were given the story behind it and were able to spit and just taste, this was a very interesting and enjoyable wine.  But put it into a big glass, get the air running through it and taste those tropical pineapple and vanilla notes which appear on sips 1 thru 5, but by sip 6 or 7 the alcohol, which is a whooping 15% really starts to kick in and the wine seems unbalanced and began to taste more like gin rather than having that pleasant "something other than Chardonnay that's been oaked" quality.  Oh well, I dragged this bottle back just to find out it wasn't for sipping on the deck on a hot Canadian late-spring afternoon, hopefully I'll have better luck with the other bottle I carried back, a barrel-aged Silvaner ... but it awaits to be seen because that bottle is for another time ... as it was we moved quickly from this bottle to an old Ontario wine from Inniskillin, which proved to be excellent ... if you are interested to find out which click here.

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Dean Tudor said...

Experiment W..

First, it's an experiment...

Second, it's a worker's wine: high alcohol to placate the mob, keep them under control, pay them little..

Classic Marxist philosophy.

What did you expect from a free trip?