Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Allegrini 2001 Valpolicella Classico (Italy)

If I told you that I opened this wine and said it tasted like an old Italian wine, would you know what I mean?  Some would and but most wouldn't - if statistics are correct - most of you have no idea what I'm talking about (95% of all wine purchased is drank within 48 hours).  So to have an 11 year old Italian wine is a rarity these days, and too bad cause it really is an educational experience, as well as a tasty one, if you like old wine.  Not sure I should be doing it regularly with Valpolicella's though (known more for being light and fruity than age-worthy).  There was plenty of dried fruit on this one with smoky notes and a light cedary playfulness about it.  The dried fruit was cranberry and sour cherry and it really was quite enjoyable on the palate.  The palate was smooth with dried fruit and only hints of wood interuption, but as it crossed the mid-palate and moved to the back oak and cedar took over and lingered - though still pleasantly - nothing was over the top or took over, it all just melded together pleasantly.  About 30 minutes into the experience the wine took on three new aromas and flavours:  licorice, forest floor and dried leaves.  I was thrilled with the way this wine stood up

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