Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mionetto NV "MO" Prosecco Extra Dry (Italy)

It's funny that nobody talks about bubbly as a late night snack.  Oh, sure you hear about it as a before dinner drink, or maybe a during dinner beverage.  You might hear people talk about having it to toast a special occasion, or maybe outdoors on the patio on a hot day.  Yes it's a great thing to mix with orange juice on a Sunday morning, or pour in a little cassis to make a kirsch after dinner ... but I have never heard of somebody saying it makes a great after everything beverage.  Which is exactly what we did last night with this bottle of Prosecco.  It was after dinner, after dessert and I was sitting in front of the TV with my wife watching some Olympic sporting event recap when I suddenly heard myself say: "Want a glass of bubbly?"  Even more surprising was the answer I got, "Sure".  And off I went to the fridge for a bottle of what was there, this MO Prosecco.  I had received the bottle earlier in the week and thought I must try what is considered the "Number one Prosecco brand in America".  The wine had nice bubbles with floral, and lemonade-like sweetness, wild flower honey and sweet apple notes - it was pleasant and easy drinking, so much so that it was almost swiggable.  Interesting to note that it was so popular in America that it is now in Ontario, proving that you have to make it in the States before you can even be thought of here in Canada.

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