Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fitz Riesling NV Extra Trocken Sekt (German)

This wine has a story - my story. I ordered this wine from Vinexx agency back in the spring; actually my fellow wine writer Dean Tudor and I ordered some, well to keep the story straight, Dean liked this wine so much that he ordered 3 cases of it and I said I would take 6 bottles off his hands. The price, a mere $13.95 - what a deal for this bottle of sparkling. But the wine had to be specially ordered from Germany and between the time it was ordered and the time it landed on our shores the Euro had shot up in value and the $13.95 price tag was now $17.95 ... still excellent value for a sparkling wine - but not three cases excellent; so Dean and I split a case.

Sekt is the most fun you can have with a legitimate wine word ... it sounds like "sex" with a "t" at the end, and if you say it to a good looking wine merchant, as I did in B.C. you have the chance to get slapped, unless you clarify, "I am looking for some sekt ... um, German sparkling wine?" You can see the dilemma. Anyway, this sekt truly is yummy; made from the Rielsing grape it has all the things you expect, a little apple, a little peach, nice fruitiness with a touch of citrus-toasty-yeasty goodness. And although it says "Extra Trocken", which means "extra dry", there was an apparent sweetnes that made this wine go down very nicely. Good thing it was only 11.5% alcohol, cause at the speed it went down I could have been in trouble the next morning.

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