Saturday, October 11, 2008

Silver Sage 2006 Pinot Noir - "The Passion" (British Columbia)

This wine is like no other Pinot Noir you'll ever try - it's the Pinot for no-Pinot drinkers. The nose is big cherry, sweet plum and cherry liqueur (no earthiness to speak of). The palate follows with a big fruit punch: raspberry, cherry, plum and a hint of chocolate almond liqueur (no earth - no mineral - no hint of terroir - all signatures of Pinot Noir). And although it has no typical Pinot Noir characteristics it's a lovely fun wine with lots of its own character - and one of the most popular wines at the winery when I visit this past summer (I should know for two reasons: I bought 2 bottles and they told me so). Would I let this wine age? No way. Would I drink this now? You bet, and I'd fully enjoy it for what it was ... and I did. Although it's odd for a Pinot, it is very nice as a wine - and sometimes that all you're looking for, typicity be damned.

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