Sunday, February 1, 2009

Baron Philippe de Rothschild 2002 Escudo Rojo (Chile)

I think it was the Rothschild name on the front label that caused me to buy this wine a few years back. I figured I could never afford to buy the French-daddy of this wine but I certainly could afford the offspring. Now some 6 years from vintage date, this wine still shows well, probably more complex then when first introduced. The nose has everything: pepper, spice, dried black fruit, mocha, soft leather, burnt caramel and mint (amongst other things). The palate has less, but still very enjoyable with its blackberries, pepper, smoky, cocoa powder and cassis. This proved to be a very enjoyable wines.

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Me said...

I'm enjoying this wine tonight. It definitely ages well. It's not quite a desert (not dessert) in my mouth, but the tannins are definitely coming along nicely. I'm probably going to age the other bottles I have -- if I can wait that long. Cheers!