Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Zonin 2006 Ripasso Valpolicella Superiore (Italy)

Somedays just seem longer than others, I know that's impossible because everyday is 24 hours long - but if you have ever experience the day that never ends, then you know what I am talking about. This was one of those days. I found myself in two cold cellars inventorying wine, a great job in the middle of summer, bone chilling in the midst of winter. So I got home, mind numb and not wanting to make a decision. So I asked Amber (my cat) what he would want: interesting or Italian? He looked at me with that head tilt that only cats can give - he then blinked twice. Italian it is! Way back when, I bought 6 bottle of this wine, wine because of the good price and I just love a good Ripasso (it ranks right up there with a tasty Zindfandel on my hit parade). The nose is plumy, cherry and black fruited, there's also a mocha/chocolate note that is just so inviting. On the palate it follows the nose and adds a hint of spice and lovely smooth tannins. it also went well with the tomato-basil Mediterrean chicken breast sandwich (who really feels like cooking after this kind of day) ... if the LCBO has any left I would suggest buying a few bottles, heck I might see about getting a few more myself ... but then maybe I'll wait for the buzz to wear off.

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