Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cline 2005 Cashmere (California)

On Friday I was asked to try a new line of glasses by Schott Zwiesel called "Cru Classic" - they are one of those glassware lines that makes a glass for every style of wine - I was sold on Schott's stemware back in April 2008 (Newsletter #80); this is that glassware that people refer to as 'unbreakable' though they are actually break-resistent, I know tomayto-tomahto. I decided to use the big Cru glass with this wine, a blend of Mourvedre, Syrah and Grenache. The nose was juicy and spicy all at the same time: red fruits and black pepper. In the mouth it was lovely and smooth, white pepper, a nip of cocoa and a touch of blackberry - it glided across the tongue and all I could think with each passing sip was ... "yum". I then tried the same wine in a couple of other glasses and truth be told, I was impressed with the new Schott Zwiesel - I have a Pinot glass and a white wine glass to experiment with in the near future - expect those reviews to come along with other wines I try ... so far I'm liking the look, feel and the taste coming from this new glass. Cheers.

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