Saturday, February 28, 2009

Winesmith Cellars Non-Vintage Cheap-Skate Miser Meritage (California)

Ask me how this wine was and I'll tell you one thing about it ... the company was great. My wine-merchant from Michigan (Dave) recommended this wine to me, saying that a regular customer comes in, buys it by the case and serves it at posh dinner parties to huge accolades. Now, I did not have a posh dinner party, in fact we were invited over to some friends house during Cuvee weekend, for an informal dinner - so informal in fact that we watched the 3-year-old eat Kraft Dinner and ketchup before the adults took to the table an hour later (how I miss bath-time). But I'll tell you right now - that wine really hit the spot. We started with bubbles, had a few drops of award winning Chardonnay, then a glass of Cave Spring 2002 CSV Riesling with salad (both were awesome, but alas I took no notes on either) and ended with this simple yet tasty wine from our neighbours to the south. During a formal tasting I am not sure how well this wine would show (a blend of Cabernet Franc and Merlot), but combining the company, the laughter and dear friends this wine really hit the sweet spot ... if only someone could explain the Pillow Fight League to me once again, or the French Kissing of a central vacuum hose, maybe the night will make sense; on second thought, best leave those as faint memories and resume where we left off next time.

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