Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chateau de Gaudou 2005 Cahors (France)

Have you noticed that most wines from Cahors say "tradition" or "prestige" on the label? What, you have no idea what I am talking about? What's Cahors? Well for starters it a region in France, it's the traditional home of Malbec (before the Argentineans took it over), their wines are usually a steal at under twenty-bucks and they are ageable for a good 10-years. Whenever I can put my hands on a Cahors wine I do. This wine is a blend of Malbec (80%), Merlot (15%) and Tannat (5%) - is was rich and full of flavour and tannins - kinda wish I had opted for a steak instead of lasagna to pair it with. The nose was very spicy, had blackberries and a peppry-cocoa note. The taste had a lot going for it, spicy, peppery, blackberries and cassis, big tannins and a drying cocoa powder finish. Loved this wine ... figure I'm gonna love it more in 5 years ... currently selling at the LCBO (in Ontario) for $14.95 - and trust me, as far as the LCBO goes that's a steal.

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