Monday, April 20, 2009

Delicato 2004 Merlot (California)

Many moons ago I was a Delicato fan. I liked their Monterra series, was a huge supporter of the Gnarly Head Zin and liked the blue and white label that was a staple at the LCBO. But Gnarly Head has branched out into pretty standard (if not very affordable) wines, Monterra seems to have disappeared from the market and the Delicato blue and white, is as good as gone. But that doesn't stop me from having a few bottles of my favs in my cellar. Tonight I found my hand drawn to that familiar blue capsule of Delicato, and I yanked a bottle off my rack easily and readily. The nose was very interesting, at first offering up fruit, then chocolate - the fruit was strawberry, raspberry and sweet prune juice, hopefully you know what chocolate smells like. The palate showed more life than I was expecting - lots of plumy-chocolate along with black raspberry and black cherry. Quite full in the mouth, almost chewy in nature with zero tannins - making this wine a smooth, delectable Delicato wine.

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