Thursday, April 2, 2009

Finca Las Moras 2005 Black Label Shiraz (Argentina)

I started the night with a Sangiovese (that was unfortunately corked), so I moved on to something that was not even in the same ballpark - a Shiraz from Argentina - it's the equivalent of starting the day wanting All-Bran and ending up with eggs, bacon, toast and a mess of homefries. This was released in Vintages (Ontario - LCBO) a few weeks back. The nose is black and spicy with hints of graphite (what they call pencil lead these days), blackberry, black raspberry and hit after hit of nutmeg/cinnamon. The palate is just as intriguing and inviting - lots of spicy character, peppery with black fruits (cassis, amongst others) and a drying tanninc finish. I have two bottles of this puppy and will be laying the other down for a few years to see what happens ... stay tuned.

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