Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kaiken 2007 Malbec (Argentina)

Just put on the shelves of the LCBO (in Ontario) this Easter weekend as part of their April 11 Vintages release. I have been waiting for this wine to come back in stock for, I guess a year or so. Last year the liquor giant had this wine at about 19 bucks - a decent price - but this year, with the tough economic times we find ourselves in, the boys and girls at the Liquor Board decided to give us a break. Now on for a measily $15 this wine is worth you picking up a bottle or three or even a case of. Blackberries, cherries and spice greet the nose with your first sniff - and you can feel yourself sinking into the glass, whafting away on a ocean of smells: cinnamons, chocolate, juicy black fruits and a hint of mint. Now it's time to get your nose out of the glass and touch it to your lips. Rich and full in the mouth, it literally fills the mouth with flavour ... the blackberries give way to cassis which turns into cinnamon then spice and finishes with a little cedar and fine tannins. Very nice ... now if you'll excuse me I don't have time to waste here, I have a wine to drink.

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