Sunday, July 26, 2009

La Frenz 2006 Gewurztraminer (British Columbia)

Sipping on a B.C. wine brings me back to last summer's trip to Canada's west coast, where I spent 12 days visiting 72 wineries in honour of my mother's 70th birthday. Tonight, I stopped by and mom pulled out this La Frenz Gewurzt that we both remember enjoying when we visited the winery. I remember really liking the Chardonnay (my top wine selection from this winery), but mom is a Gewurzt fan so she leans the white and spicy way. The truth here is that the wine has not stood up ... granted we only bought it last summer, but the freshness is gone, the acidity is minimal and the overal impression of the wine has gone from stellar to subterranean. I have never felt Gewurzt to be a very ageable wine, though I know some would argue with me, I find it tastes better fresh, like Sauvignon Blanc, and this wine did nothing to quash that notion. The nose had some floral notes and a little orange marmalade, but what really came through loud and clear was the honey smells. They also materialized on the tongue in a big way ... sure there was some spice, some floral and the remnants of what was once nice acidity; but the dominating flavour was that honey, and the more you drank the more it took over. I remember this wine was once jazzy, snappy and much crisper, time has not been kind to it ... too bad.

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