Sunday, May 30, 2010

Domaine Jean Manin 2005 Fleurie "La Madone" (France)

This is a beauty of a Gamay is from the Beaujolais region of France.  Now before you all run off screaming "He's drinking Beaujolais" - know that there are different kinds of Beaujolais - the candied version we all have at Thanksgiving (at least the Americans can have it at Thanksgiving) is the Nouveau kind - this wine is as far removed from Nouveau Beaujolais as California Pinot from Burgundian Pinot.  First things first, at 5 years of age the only use for a Nouveau is salad dressing, on the other hand this Fleurie is still full of fruit and hints of peppery spice (the idea that it could hold another 5 years springs to mind). Lovely black cherry and raspberry fruit shakin' in a bag with a little white pepper.  That pepper is quite apparent especially on the finish - and the longer it's open the better it gets.  When I first opened it there was no nose and the taste was barely black fruit; what a difference 30 minutes makes.  Wish I had a few more bottles of this beauty, alas this is my last one so I might be nursing this one all night.

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