Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Lyeth Estate 2006 L de Lyeth Sonoma County Zinfandel (California)

Tonight I wanted a nice Zinfandel, and so I went into the basement of my fiancee's house and found that she had lots of Zin, I know it is one of her favourite varietals so I make sure to stock up chez-elle.  I picked this one because it seemed the most interesting - I have had Lyeth wines in the past and have enjoyed them so with the Zin I was hoping for the same reaction.  The nose was spiced plum and vanilla, on the palate there was much of the same with a little white pepper and hints of black licorice ... but it lacked the fruitiness I was expecting from a Zin, sure there was lots of spice, white pepper and vanilla here, and yes it was pleasant and all but I sure did want a little more fruit to come shining through on this one.  Oh well, you can't win 'em, or like 'em, all; not saying this was a bad wine, it just didn't have what I wanted or expected ... and when Zin is on the table I think fruit should be too.

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