Wednesday, May 12, 2010

L. Mawby - M. Lawrence NV "Sex" Brut Rosé (Michigan)

A little bubbly tonight to celebrate my fiancee's birthday ... this is one of those bottles we picked up on our Michigan tour last year (around this time I do believe), it's from L. Mawby, a producer specializing in sparkling wine.  I remember it being a fun, raucous place with Bob Marley playing on the overhead speakers.  We bought a few bottles of fizz while we were there and just couldn't resist picking up a bottle of a wine called "Sex" - I think they sell a lot of this one because of it's name, but the wine inside the bottle is good too.  If memory serves correctly the name was a joke that they figured would never get through the censors but somehow it did and now nobody can remember was the alternative name was going to be.  The label says "Rosé" but the colour is that of light peach juice, not exactly the pinky colour you think of when you pour a Rosé, but what the heck.  The smells are lemony and green apple, they follow through on the palate and have a peach pit stony-like finish, quite dry and a nice little bubbly to celebrate with.  Now, about the sex part ...

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