Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saint Cosme NV Litttle James' Basket Press (France)

It's a learning experience to open a wine you are interested in and have never heard of.  This was a bottle I acquire in Florida while I was there is early March, the guy at the wine store said he found it one of the more interesting of the French wines he had on his shelves - if the label is any indication then I would agree.  But the proof of a wine is always under the cork, or, in this case, the screwcap.  I first did a little research before giving the cap a twist, I already owned the bottle so all I was doing was trying to find out what I was about to try.  This is a non-vintage red blend wine that is said to be a "permanent creation of a solera system which gets more and more complex every year" (back label) - the Saint Cosme website hints that this wine is "[a wine of] an extraordinary Grenache origin, among the most noble ones".  The wine is spicy, plumy, peppery and has a smoothness that rolls across the tongue and yet leaves the pepper and spice on the finish after the wine is swallowed ... this is a real winner of a wine, tasty and delicious - there is no doubt that this is an interesting wine from a winery established in 1570 ... who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

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