Monday, May 24, 2010

Folie a Deux 2005 Manage a Trois (California)

It seems the more bottles of this wine I drink the more stories I have to tell - and believe it or not, none of them have to do with the name of this wine.  This wine is fun because it's the ultimate party wine and you can tell what kind of party you attending by walking in the door and saying, "Hey, anyone for some Menage a Trois?"  And wait for a response.  Alas, that has nothing to do with any stories I have about this wine.  Tonight I was at my parents for dinner who had been looking after my 4 year old niece most of the day and were now serving dinner (I think she is four - time just flies for me).  Anyway all went well until my parents presented her with her after-dinner treat, a chocolate-chocolate-chip cookie, she got so excited about finishing her fruit and orange juice to get to that cookie that when she reached for it the small bowl (now empty) crashed to the floor and shattered into a million little pieces - I have never seen glass break into that many pieces ... now in the quiet of my own place I can smile about the whole thing as I remember watching it as if in slow-motion.  As for the Manage wine, it's a blend of Zinfandel, Merlot and Cabernet that's ripe with plums and hints of vanilla - a pretty simple wine for a simple meal (hot dogs) and some real excitement (again, not related to the name of the wine).

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