Thursday, June 3, 2010

Familia Zuccardi 2007 Fuzion (Argentina)

Alot has been written about Familia Zuccardi's FuZion wine and they have sold a lot of bottles to show for it.  I have to admit I jumped on the FuZion bandwagon too, I bought my case along with everybody else, though I bought mine in the first release here in Ontario.  And why not, it was a pleasant Shiraz (70%) / Malbec (30%) blend for under $7.50 a bottle - even if it were a horrible wine it would have been okay to marinade with, especially at that price.  Thing is the '07 was not a horrible wine, in fact it was quite tasty and rather delicious - and it flew off LCBO (Ontario's liquor retailer) shelves by the case load.  Now some 3 years later I have opened another bottle on the coat tails of a rather horrible wine experience.  The wine is smooth, fruity and delicious with a mix of red and black fruit, some pepper and cocoa mixed in on the finish - very uncomplicated and very good, especially for that price.