Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thierry and Guy 2004 Le Freak Shiraz Viognier (France)

Talk about disappointing.  I was walking in the wine cellar this evening, trying to figure out what to drink, when suddenly a capsule talked to me, almost literally - it caught my eye actually, but it had a face on the end so it could have done some talking had I stared at it long enough (and had enough wine).  It was this Shiraz Viognier from France and I pulled it off the rack interested to try it.  I cursed quietly to myself once I pulled off the capsule and found a plastic cork underneath - when will wineries learn that plastic is the worst form of closer.  Now I know this wine is from 2004, but still what made them think this was a good idea - the plastic cork salesmen I am sure.  Nose is a little on the funky side with stewed prune notes; palate showed the remnants of what was once some delicious spicy notes and dark fruit - but it had dried up and partially oxidized, leaving behind a nasty bitter finish.  Too bad, this Le Freak had the potential to be a real nice wine, especially aged. 

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