Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Highway 12 Winery 2007 Mission Hardward Old Sonoma Red (California)

After tasting through 5 Prince Edward County Wines (Ontario, Canada) by this evening it was time to get out of the County (as it is referred to) and get into something a little different, hence the California Red.  I am told this is a blend of Merlot and Zinfandel from Sonoma - and a quick check of the website confirmed that to be true - aged 17 months in barrels.  This was a really good match to the beef ribs that were the main course of tonight's dinner - and I think that is exactly what the winemakers had in mind for this wine.  The nose has raspbery, spice, plum, vanilla and a heap of other red fruit, while the palate is smooth and coated in red berries with a touch of spice and some sweet vanilla and plum - quite a nice pairing.  Now it's back to packing up the old house and readying it for the new ... my long holiday weekend will be spent painting and mowing: I hope you have a good one and remember to drink something Canadian tomorrow - it's Canada Day afterall.

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