Monday, June 28, 2010

J.P. Vinhos 2001 Tinto da Anfora (Portugal)

Sorry for being out of touch for awhile, for all those who have emailed let me answer your questions thusly:  yes I have been drinking and tasting but I have been away from an internet connection, so it makes it hard to make public notes on the wines.  Now, no more excuses, on to this wine.  This is a blend of four indigenous Portuguese grapes and one international (Cabernet Sauvignon) ... as for why this was tonight's wine - the red end of the capsule caught my eye (I know real scientific reasoning here).  From first sip to last swallow there was always sediment in my glass - in fact the inside of the bottle was covered in it, I could have made a sand castle with what was in the bottom of my glass.  The nose was a bit pruny with hints of stewed prunes and chocolate (I know it sounds odd but some how it worked).  Palate was a touch on the sweet dried black fruit and spice side, this wasn't fresh fruit - it was dried and chewy.  This wine has held up pretty well although I'm glad I didn't wait any longer to drink it.

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