Monday, July 5, 2010

Blackstone Winery 2002 Merlot (California)

Another one of those last minute wine decisions.  Dinner was pan fried halibut, so the conventional wisdom should have steered me towards white, but instead I went with an older (8 years) California Merlot - what was I thinking?  Whatever it was, it was a good call.  The tannins on this wine had soften to a point where this was a smooth drinking wine - still enough plum along with black and blue berries to make it simple yet enjoyable, there was even a hint of licorice root to bring it all together.  Funny thing about this wine is that at the time that I bought it I wrote "now" on the back of the bottle, meaning that I should have drunk it much sooner than I did; but I found it to be a heck of a lot more fascinating wine 8 years on then I would have back in the early part of the 2000's when I bought it.  Just goes to show you, losing a bottle can be interesting and worthwhile.  Of course I'm drinking wine for purely educational purposes, honest.

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