Tuesday, July 20, 2010

William Cole Vineyards Albamar 2004 Merlot (Chile)

It's the wine that made Chile famous that I'm pouring for myself tonight.  No, it's not some brand, like Yellow Tail, or a producer, like Wolf Blass, it's a grape variety: Merlot.  When I first tasted Chilean wine I was drinking Merlot (and trying to impress a girl); these days the Chileans make anything and everything (and they do it well), but tonight is was a simple Merlot (not money) that made the night go-round.  The nose was slightly minted with dark, peppered, dried fruit.  The palate was not as exciting as the nose, the mint was gone and left behind was peppered dark fruit and some cedary notes.  Now granted it's 6 years old, so I can't expect ripe, rich, vibrant fresh fruit - so knowing the age of the wine I am satisfied with the flavours and smells I am getting. Cheers.