Friday, July 9, 2010

Wine Nightmares (Italy, California x2, Spain)

Talk about a nightmare for a wine lover - here I am packing up to move and I decide it's time for a glass.  I am working on my 2002 wines (I organize my cellar by year, not by producer) and decided to lighten the load by pulling out a bottle (Masi 2002 Modello delle Venezie) which has turned to prune juice - I blame myself for waiting so long to consume it, but also some of that blame rests on the plastic cork.  Then I grab out another (Firestone 2002 Merlot), this one is corked beyond all recognition, it never stood a chance.  And I try yet another (Vendage 2002 Shiraz) - this wine also had a plastic cork.  There was no sign of any fruit, just lot of oxidization and a dry-Port like taste - I'm don't want to drink dry Port.  Interestingly the bottle was coated with red sediment on the inside, this might have been a good one had the seal been better.  Finally, a Castano 2002 Monastrell - something drinkable:  it's smooth with cocoa, peppery nuances and wood notes, there's even hints of spice from another life.  I thought of giving a piece of dark chocolate a try with it and it sure did liven the wine up, bringing out the cocoa aspect (no surprise) and the pepperiness.  Good work Spain, sticking with cork, the rest of you, what were you thinking?

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