Monday, July 5, 2010

Cantina San Pancrazio 2008 Brachetto (Italy)

It's about 100 degrees in the shade - well where I am in Toronto it is.  It's one of those blisteringly hot days of summer, with humidity up to here (you know the level where I am referring to - put your flattened hand above your head) ... and on a day like today nothing goes better then something simple and refreshing.  Found a bottle of Brachetto in the fridge, popped the cork and found some big glasses to pour the wine into.  This is not a complicated wine, the smell of grapes, some black raspberry (if you look for it) and ginger ale, with a little bit of fizz - this is the perfect wine to sip or even chug-a-lug at a time like this and at only 6% alcohol either way works.  I know I'll open something later for dinner, but this makes for a great afternoon break.

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