Friday, July 2, 2010

Cattail Creek 2008 Gamay Noir (Ontario)

I reviewed this wine not too long ago, so I can’t legitimately look at it as one of my taste it again wines, therefore I will just tell you what I did with my day before going into my thoughts about the wine.  Highlight of the day was the great lunch I had at About Thyme Bistro, pulled pork sandwich and an ice tea, broke up the tedious day of painting nicely.  As for this Gamay, it is one of those wines with a funny smell – no bad just funny – but the taste more than makes up for it, and it’s so juicy and quaffable with flavours of fresh cherry juice, had I been thinking I would have put it in the fridge an hour ago, to give it a little chill so that the red fruit would pop and crackle, kinda like the fireworks going on outside, must be some kids lighting off the one’s they didn’t get to last night.

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