Thursday, January 12, 2012

Charles & Charles Cabernet Sauvignon / Syrah (Washington)

I'm sitting in a London, Ontario hotel (Hilton) after my Schott Zwiesel presentation at the London Wine and Food Show ... I'm also listening to the Cee-Lo Green song "F**k You" and drinking a bottle of Charles & Charles Cab / Syrah - which seems very appropriate(if you have seen their website you'll understand). Before starting the review of this wine I visited their website to get some background on these boys and I found they have one of the most irreverent wine websites I have ever seen ... though they do speak about bottling this very wine in early August of 2010 - so I am drinking this wine within 5 months of bottling - which kind of surprises me that the LCBO would get a bottle that soon after it's release ... they always seem to be months behind the curve instead of in front of it ... it's a nice change.  So what about this wine:  Well I have to tell you that it tastes more Californian than Washington - though it has a Washington smell (hard to explain but it you drink enough Washington wines you'll know what I am talking about).  The nose is black cherry and plum with hints of chocolate; while the palate follows thru from the promise of the nose ...this is one succulent and juicy wine and one you can sit and sip on Lionel Richie style: all night long.

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Mike - the wine academy said...

Wow. Your right. That is the most irreverent wine site I have ever seen. Who does it appeal to? Certainly not the usual wine guy, but maybe a wino.