Sunday, January 22, 2012

Young Concha Cabernet + Old Wakefield Shiraz (Chile / Australia)

Tonight it was a late dinner (for us), with friends we have been trying together with since before the holidays.  I screwed up the pulled pork earlier in the day so we fell back on an old standby, meatloaf, with all the trimmings that should have surrounded the pork: baked beans and cole slaw (we scrapped the buns).  As it turns out everything was a hit, including the wine.  Started with a robust Concha y Toro 2009 Gran Reserva Serie Riberas Cabernet Sauvignon ... a full on raspberry assault of the senses, all that lovely juicy fresh fruit, tasty and ultimately sippable.  I then took my buddy down to see the cellar, and while there put my hands on a 2003 Wakefield Clare Valley Shiraz.  I have just recently become a fan of the award winning Wakefield Cabernet (the wine that put them on the map of Aussie wines ... little did I know I had bought a bottle of their wine many moons ago.  Wine cellars can be a funny thing as in you luckily lose things and then find them not knowing you even had them ... love it.  This older bottle of Shiraz had old smells and tastes but it was holding very nicely with earthy blackberry along with white pepper, herbs and graphite notes.  Lots of muddy sediment at the bottom of the last glass and the inside of the bottle looks like it had been painted maroon.  Glad to have opened this wine tonight as our friends found this wine more intriguing than the first - older wines just have more character (but they have their place, just like the young ones do) ... maybe I have sparked them to start their own cellar ... or just come over here more often - time will tell.

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