Friday, January 13, 2012

Lailey Vineyard 2009 Chardonnay Niagara Peninsula (Ontario)

I rarely throw an Ontario wine into this column ... usually when I do it is because it was just recently released or reviewed and I can`t put it in one of my Taste it Again notations or into the Lost and Found.  Tonight the wife was trying a new recipe with pork loin with lemon and capers ... she needed a little dry white wine to cook with.  She originally told me half a cup, but after reading the directions again she found it was half a cup of chicken broth, and a tablespoon of white wine ... seriously?  Why do recipes screw with you in that way?  Why would anybody open up a bottle of wine to use just a tablespoon of it?  It`s not like we live in the US where you can find a bottle of wine for two-bucks (Two Buck Chuck comes to mind).  So I had to look through my white wines to find a good one (you wanna cook with a wine you like to drink - especially if you`re only using a tablespoon).  I came up with this bottle of Lailey 2009 Chardonnay ... now, looking at my review just now I noticed I gave the wine 4.5 stars, and as I was drinking it on this snowy Friday night I said to my wife, "wow, this is better than I remember - it's a shame we had to use some to cook with." ... I think the wine is still available ... so that`s the good news.

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