Thursday, January 5, 2012

Justin Vineyard 2000 Syrah (California)

Had a friend come over tonight bearing a ten year old bottle of Justin Syrah ... I have tried a few Justin wines in my time, but never something this old from this producer.  I would have to say the wine did not hold up well - yet by the end of the evening was considered still drinkable.  The nose was woodsy and leathery, more along the lines of what I would find in a bottle of South African wine than Californian.  The taste mirrored the nose and added some other odd flavours: leathery, cedary and tarry kicked it off, then turned spicy, woodsy (non-descript wood) and cinnamon-y about an hour in.  It started off disappointingly but ended on a high note - not too high, but high enough to be drinkable and enjoyable ... for those who like that kind of thing (an old wine I mean).

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