Friday, January 20, 2012

Loredona 2009 Monterey Pinot Noir (California)

Tonight on the menu: pork chops - on the wine list, a Loredona Pinot Noir recently acquired from the LCBO and set for release on Saturday ... having recently visited the Monterey area just this past September I was thrilled ot see one of their wines on the shelves here in Ontario and even more thrilled to see this bargain priced pinot wasn't just some crap they threw into a bottle and labeled as Pinot Noir.  In fact, for a wine well under $20 this was a beauty of a Pinot Noir.  A nose of sweet cranberry, black cherry and strawberry; and the palate was even better.  Lovely sour cherry, good acidity, a lovely juiciness and nice spice.  A well-balanced wine with good fruit, nice acidity and all that California juiciness of fruit you'd expect ... almost finished the whole bottle myself.

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Wine Guy said...

Yes, you were right. It is great value for under $20 in the Pinot Noir space. It went well with some hamburgers that I BBQ'd last night.