Sunday, January 20, 2013

Masi 2004 Campofiorin (Italy)

My love affair with Masi continues as I pull out a bottle of 2004 Campofiorin to give it a go.  Not one of the 5-star vintages that Masi touts on their label (under the year), but definitely it was a good one.  For those that don't know Campofiorin is the Ripasso wine from Masi and is consistently a good wine and great value - especially if you consider I was holding this one for 6-7 years and it is 8 years old.  The layers and complexity of this wine were amazing as each sip delivered something new ot the tongue - while the nose only gave out little bits and pieces:  Aromas of black cherry, kirsch and creme de cacao were all that were present through the hour and a half I drank the wine - but the palate was anything buy coy.  Plum, mocha, celery seed, cedar, fruit leather, cigar box and a slight bite from the tannins all made an appearance at one time or another ... my final few sips proved to be smooth with black cherry and cigar box notes - and those are the flavours I took away.

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