Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rosemount 2006 Show Reserve GSM (Australia)

I had a lot of luck with a 2006 wine last time - so once again I'm going back to the well of 2006 and trying another ... this time I'm going all the way around the world to grab something out of the cellar from Australia - a Rosemount Show Reserve GSM (Grenache / Shiraz / Mourvedre) ... this is a pretty standard blend from Australia, because they can get all three grapes to ripen in their kind of heat.  While the blend is standard this wine was far from your average every day sip.  What I really liked about this wine, in its present state, is the menthol that rises up from the glass - some could mistake it for alcohol heat, but it is most definitely a menthol note that seems to envelop itself around the other aromas of cassis, blackberry and mocha.  Sip after sip it revealed more and more flavours, most dark fruited, with spicy character, some licorice (a cross between both red and black) along with some of that menthol on the finish.  This wine is ageing very well and hopefully will continue to do so over the next 5 years or so.

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