Monday, March 9, 2009

Baron Ricasoli 2006 Campo Ceni (Italy)

This wine was tasted in conjunction with 10 other wines. Every so often I get together with some buddies: one guy provides the food; another the activity (both are happily married so strippers are out of the question) this evening it was the 8th hour of 24; and I provide the wine. I grabbed a number of bottles on my way out of the house and the party was on. In truth the party was us standing around talking over pizza, while one guy put his kid to bed - a hot time in the big city for sure! One of my friend has no taste for wine what-so-ever, he's a rose drinker - though he is redeemed by his love for Port. The other is quite the wine drinker - we differed on our favourite this evening, though he did finally come around to my way of thinking because I noticed that this was the only empty bottle on the table this night. The wine is primarily Sangiovese (95%) with a touch of Merlot to give it some smoothness. Here we had a nice, lightly spiced, good herbed and nicely fruited wine. I enjoyed it, but I did not finish the whole bottle - which means somebody else liked it too.

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