Saturday, March 21, 2009

Goulart 2007 "Clasico" Malbec (Argentina)

My last night in the US saw me trying a wine from Argentina - not the usual course of events, because to find "foreign" wine in the United States of America is like pulling teeth. In many of the fine wine establishments you'll find lots and lots of California wine, but wines from Europe, Australia, South America, etc. are tricky - you have to be looking for them ... quite the change from here at home where you have to search out the domestic stuff, usually by donning a Sherlock's Holmes hat and carrying around a magnifying glass - even then if you're not careful you'll get an off-shore blend. Anyway, on Friday I was invited to a wine distributor's office to pick up a bottle of a Goulart wine ... these are the folks I raved about in my Bokke Tasting, On the Road article. The "Glam" was not available so I instead went for a simple "Clasico" Malbec and all I could think while I was drinking this one was how stunning and juicy it was. The story I heard about this winery had something to do with a father leaving his daughter a winery and when she did some investigating found out he had 90+ year old Malbec vines on the property. Since she did not have the heart to rip out history, she instead went on to produce some pretty outstanding wines with them. This particular Malbec is loaded with lots of pepper and black fruit on the nose ... but what really gets up there (your nose) is the spiciness. As it opens up it smooths right out with blackberries, cassis, chcolate, spice, plum, vanilla, black cherry and a pleasant herb and spice finish. I was sad to say goodbye to the land of cheaper booze - but this was a nice way to bid adieu.

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