Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bodegas Borsao 2007 Monte Oton (Spain)

My first day in Michigan saw me visiting Dave at Champane's Wine Cellar (fans of Drinking With Dave will be happy to know that part 2 is coming soon). I was there to grab a few bottles of a Las Rocas Granache that was just recently released through Vintages at the LCBO and sold for about $17 and sold for $8.99 here - even with the exchange being what it is this is a good deal for this bottle. I bumped into Dave and told him what I was there for; he said, "If you like that you'll also enjoy this one." He walked me over to another display with this colourful polka-dot bottle of Monte Oton, another 100% Granache that sold for a measily $5.99 - I had seen the bottle but thought the cheesy packaging and low price might Not make for a good wine in the bottle ... but after trying it tonight I think that not only is this not a cheesy wine but an absolute steal at that price. The nose is complex and loaded with great aromas: blackberries and blueberries, plums, sweet black licorice, pepper and cocoa powder. The taste is just as impressive: lots of pepper, spice and tannic black fruit, which leads me ot believe there's some ageability in this bottle, and at that price it's worth picking up a few and lugging back across the border.

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