Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lyeth Estate 2006 L de Lyeth Cabernet Sauvignon (California)

Here's one of those wines that I picked up in the States while I was in Michigan ... my good buddy Dave told me it was a passable wine for 8.99 and I would have to agree with him. Taking into account the exchange on the dollar - today this bottle is worth $11.14 to me and you know what? I would say that is the perfect amount. I wondered over to mom and dad's for some roast beast (that's beef for all those without a sense of imagination) and asked mom beforehand whether it was California or Chile she wished to visited in her glass ... needless to say she decided on the Cali-Cab. Mom called this wine "Nothing to write home about" ... but as I sit here now with the last vestige of this wine in the glass I would have to say that it has opened up nicely. Spicy black fruit with hints of cinnamon on the nose, the palate under delivers in the fruit department and over delivers with wood ... no spice no cinnamon - in the end it was a drinkable wine, but as mom said, "Nothing to write home about." I think I'll have to make amends next week with the Chilean; I don't think mom will mind.


TKL said...

I had this at a fine restaurant in Collingwood and it was fantastic with a grilled veal chop and a plate of pesto/gorganzola pasta! Like you said, it really improved the longer it lingered.

Where exactly in Michigan did you find it as it's not here at LCBO?

Scott said...

the fact that you had the wine in a restaurant in Ontario means it is available here. just not at the LCBO store. Contact Lifford Wine Agency, and they will have it delivered directly to you.