Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bodegas Luzon 2006 Jumilla Red (Spain)

My two Spanish wines consumed here in the US of A have been my favourites. A few nights ago I had an Atteca that was quite simply beautiful; tonight its another Spanish wine, but this time I dropped down the price scale to a nine-dollar bottle. Actually this was my second try with this wine - the first bottle turned out to be corked, so I returned it for an fresher bottle ... and fresher it was, though at first I wasn't sure. There was a burnt rubber smell that initially came out of this wine - but that blew off in about half an hour and left me with more pleasant red berries, black currants and licorice aromas; I also kept picking up a faint hint of mint with every third sniff, so I'll just make note of it here. On the palate blackberries, pepper and lots of spice were the main attractions to this wine - the larger the sip the more peppery, while little 'zips' (baby sips) brought out the fruit. Quite a pleasant wine for under ten bucks.

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