Monday, May 4, 2009

Marcus James 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon (Argentina)

Still in the States and I'm still enjoying relatively cheap booze. Tonight I decided to eat in and tried that new grilled KFC chicken - quite impressive really - and I paired it, incongruously I might add, with a Mendoza Cab. Speaking of cheap this was only 4-dollars at my letdown place (South Shore Market., who claimed to have a huge selection of wine). All said and done I did not overpay for this wine, in fact it was quite the deal in comparison to my Washington fiasco the previous night. Although the wine was fairly one dimensional (what do I expect for four clams) it still had a pleasing aspect to, especially for those who like charred meat (read: beef) with their wine. Spicy, peppery with a dash of black raspberry for the fruit component. The palate follows the nose almost to a tee, though there is the additon of blackberries to brighten up this rather bitey wine. I see this as a bargain for all those attending or throwing a BBQ, and no need for big bucks to entertain.

Up-date: Even open 3 hours this wine shows a heck of a lot of spicy-peppery notes.

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