Sunday, May 24, 2009

Monte Zovo 2006 Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore (Italy)

I think I've been waiting 6-weeks for this one to come out ... and man was it worth the wait. I tried this at a Vintages pre-tasting and gave it five stars because it was just such an all around tasty and sweet smelling wine. But sometimes wines get a better rating because of the wines that surround it in a tasting environment. Think about it, you taste 10 wines in a row that don't impress, then you get one that's pretty good by comparison, it's going to be rated higher than the others and looks pretty darn good to boot. So when I popped the cork tonight that's the kind of thoughts that are running through my head, "did I over rank this one?" The answer is a big fat "NO". Fact is this wine is even better than I remembered it. The nose was full of great smells: chocolate, plum, cherries and other juicy red fruits. The palate was just as appealing and inviting: lovely fruit, dark chocolate, plumminess, dark fruit and vanilla. There was also a little bit of wood tannin on the palate that should smooth out over time - and as the wine opened I found a little coffee on the finish as well. At twenty-bucks here in Ontario it's a good bargain with some good potential for the future.

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