Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wakefield 2004 Shiraz (Australia)

Family dinner. Beef roast, potatoes, salad, veggies and bread. What to bring, what to bring? This Shiraz might do nicely. Looks impressive with 4 silver medal wins in 2005 - which were splashed across the top of the bottle. The nose was dried fruit and pepper, heavy on the pepper. There was lots of floating sediment in the glass - maybe I should have decanted, I thought to myself, but I know that nobody at the table would be offended by it so I let it go without a second thought ... besides it seems pretty good upon first, second and third smell. Alas, the taste was a let down. Sure the dried fruit was there and so was the pepper, but there was something about the finish that left a bad taste in the mouth. I kept sipping on it to analyze further: the entry was good and so was the mid-palate, but the finish was bitter and there was nothing pleasant in the aftertaste either. Too bad, I had high hopes for this medal winner ... maybe it was built for drink-now enjoyment, not the long haul (not the 5 years is much of a long haul).

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