Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bodegas Castano 2007 La Casona Old Vines Monastrall (Spain)

If there is any justice in the world of wine you're now looking at a review of the new FuZion, right here, right now. Sure it's a buck-fifty more than a bottle of FZ (based on the $7.45 price tag here in Ontario) but you're definitely getting more than a buck-fifty worth of wine here - much more; and of course when I am talking "new Fuzion" I mean popularity-wise. La Casona comes from Bodegas Castano, the winery that makes the lovely Hecula, which is already a good value wine at $14.95; but here the house of the old-vines-wines brings us a value we can all wrap our palates around, and, most importantly, can easily afford. The nose is black currant, blackberries with plenty of spice - as the wine aerates (opens up) a strong raspberry component begins to emerge. That raspberry continues on the palate along with black fruit, spice and a nice peppery-ness. There's also plenty of acidity that'll help it accompany plenty of different kinds of meat (try it with your favourite), as well as a simple sipper on its own. I have my case, hope you grab yours, before everyone learns just how good this Spanish value is.