Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tatachilla 2003 Keystone Shiraz-Viognier (Australia)

Decided on this wine after a day in Niagara ... usually on days where I go to or try wines from a specific region that night I like to have a glass from a region that's not even a hint close to the one I have been dealing with all afternoon. This Shiraz-Viognier from Australia seemed the perfect foible to all the Niagara based wines with their food friendly nature and high acidity. I was looking for big fruit, low acidty and maybe a hint of chocolate; what I ended up getting was a heck of lot more than I bargained for. The nose on this one is just a touch on the floral side (and I mean titch) with big pepper notes. On the palate big was the opportune word: big spice, big pepper, big wine (15%) ... fruit did start to emerge about an hour later, but it was too late to make a difference, the spices had already worked their magic.

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